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Retirement Planning


Retirement savings is the biggest expense most of us will have in life. You are having to plan for 30-40+ years of unemployment. While many think that they can live off of social security and think they do not need to save, they later find out as they near retirement that social security will not sustain their current way of living. Social security was designed to be a supplement to retirement savings, not the only savings people have. To make sure you are ready for retirement, you will need to have a plan so you can be sure you will not outlive the money you have saved up. Here are some common concerns that can be addressed using a retirement plan:

  • Will I have enough to retire when I'm ready?

  • Is my nest egg big enough to last the rest of my life?

  • What is the best way to save for my children's or grandchildren's education?

  • I need to withdraw a set amount each month for living expenses. Should I take the money from my retirement account or trust account?

We can conduct a thorough retirement analysis to gauge the probability of reaching your financial goals given a wide range of allocation, spending ,inflation, and market scenarios.  We use randomly-generated variable returns, called Monte Carlo simulation, to more closely match the variability of real-world investment returns. Monte Carlo analysis quantifies your likelihood of financial success under varying assumptions.  We assist you with the following:

  • Personalized retirement analysis

  • Goal setting

  • Savings strategy

  • Tracking progress toward retirement

  • Regular meetings

  • Quarterly reporting

Sample Retirement Plan
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