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Estate, Tax, and Insurance


CS Advisors works with a number of other professionals to help you with all of your financial concerns. Having a team working together in your best interest means less time and frustration on your part in trying to put the pieces together. Whether you already have a professional you have a relationship with or are looking for a referral to a new trusted source, CS Advisors receives no compensation for referrals, so you can always be sure we are working in your best interest.


Consultation with Your Tax Professional
  • Periodic review of tax brackets for appropriate investment selection

  • Accurate maintenance of cost basis records

  • Quarterly reporting of estimated taxes

  • Estimation of capital gains for tax planning

  • Review of custodian's 1099


Coordination with Your Trusts & Estates Attorney
  • Titling of assets

  • Proper funding of trust accounts

  • Income distributions to trust beneficiaries

  • Designation of beneficiaries


Consultation with Your Insurance Agent
  • Using a financial plan, we can help you decide how much life insurance you actually need

  • Help with long-term care planning

  • Help deciding how much liability insurance you need

  • Evaluate annuities and make sure they fit into your retirement plan and are in your best interest

Professional Collaboration- Insurance Agent, Estate Attorney, CPA
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