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Goal Based Investing


Our Investment Philosophy
Invest to meet your goals

Many firms use the term long term investment when describing their portfolios. In a way, this allows the advisor to explain any short-term dips in the market as nothing to worry about because the portfolio has a long-term focus. At CS Advisors, we spend the time to learn about your goals and create solutions to help you meet those goals. We then track your status to make sure you are on track to meet those goals.

Invest for the long-term

Our goal is to maximize returns by tuning out the short-term noises that distract many investors. This approach requires patience and a disciplined commitment to a high level of fundamental analysis at the time we first make an investment and for as long as you own that investment.

A disciplined, consistent investment process

Our decisions are based on our objective assessment of an investment’s merits based on thorough quantitative analysis. We combine this research with a qualitative overlay designed to provide investors with portfolios that are appropriate for their individual goals and risk tolerances.


We believe that broadly diversified portfolios provide a rational means of achieving desired returns commensurate with our client’s pre-defined risk levels.

Sensitive to costs and taxes 

We understand the importance of costs and taxes and evaluate their impact across our strategies. For instance, when it comes to selecting individual funds, we not only pay attention to published expense ratios, but we also strive to understand the impact of hidden costs, such as those associated with day-to-day trading activity. On the tax front, our preference for lower-turnover strategies ensures a better after-tax outcome for investors.

Invest our clients’ money as if it were our own

We only offer an investment strategy when we have a high level of conviction in its ability to add long-term value for clients. We will never offer a strategy because it is a good marketing idea; we are committed to only offering best-in-class investment strategies that embody the way we think and practice investment management.

Communicate in a timely and candid fashion

It is our belief that we must provide commentary on our portfolios in a consistent, easy-to-understand manner. We also provide full and fair disclosure about our investment strategies and the factors driving our positioning and performance.

Independent thinkers 

While it is easy to follow the crowd, it is rare to outperform it by chasing trends. Therefore, we avoid jumping on the latest bandwagon and confidently take positions outside of the mainstream.

Investment Management

•    Risk-appropriate asset allocation
•    Securities selection
•    Diversification
•    Tax efficiency
•    Income generation
•    Monitoring for Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) exposure
•    Re-balancing to target allocations
•    Tax-loss harvesting
•    Coordination with company retirement accounts


Investing Turbulence
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